Please read before entering the store.

Due to the risks associated with covid-19 please comply with our recommendations

  • Please don’t enter the store if you have returned from international travel recently

  • We will lock the door If we have 3 customers in the store, please wait until someone leaves.

  • Only one family member should be at the store and we recommend not to bring the kids into the store

  • Please sanitize your hands before touching anything in the store

  • Please don’t touch anything in the store you don’t intend to buy

  • Please sanitize your hands before leaving the store

  • Please don’t enter the store if you have symptoms of coronavirus

  • Our hours starting March 23rd until further notice are Monday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm


Delivery Schedule: As the novel coronavirus (COVID‑19) changes our lives we are introducing free of charge delivery service starting March 23rd, please call the store during our business hours to place you order and we will deliver in the evening. You can e-mail us your order to orders@victoriawholefoods.ca as well, please include a phone number you can be reached at as we will need to confirm the order depending on available stock.